The online digital video streaming


The technology is advancing day by day. There are a number of methods of online distribution for digital video production  available. There is a range of  digital video platforms emerging and changing nowdays.In very simple terms, streaming is a concept of  distribution of real time or live audio or video through the internet to the web user.

Do you remember this first ever Youtube released in 2005.

Lets discuss some of the online distribution methods  for digital video production and see what are their pros and cons.



Downloading is when you take a file  from the internet website it could be a document, music video or audio, and you copy it to your computer or smart device.

examples: filehippo,torrent.

Well, the users can watch your videos while being offline  as  the file is stored locally on their side.

You can protect your music videos via DRM (The purpose of DRM is to protect the file from piracy)

If music and video files have Digital Rights Management(DRM) embedded within the file then a user might not be able to share it with anyone else or transfer it to their  any other device.



If the user has a slow internet connection they will still be able to download the whole file it might take time but it would get to the user definitely. In order to download a full-length show, film,or tv program user must have a stable internet connection.
The user can easily listen to their music in different devices as they have file and there is no issue of posting a cd/dvd to the customer in a downloading method.  If the hardrive fails customer lose all its data.


The Online web streaming is one of the most popular Internet activities among us.The simple meaning of streaming is that when a web user clicks the button on a website, the video starts playing immediately on their devices.  In streaming the end user does not have to  download the  file to their computer and watch it later for example when you stream a song from spotify or groove shark, you can click play it and start listening  to it almost immediately however  it requires streaming servers and firewall changes for port access to get to client respective media player  .vimeo is also streams very good resolution video.



Streamed files are received, processed and played when they arrive and no residual copy of the video is left behind at other end.


example: The most popular video streaming website is YouTube.


Streaming would allow the user your target audience to explore new artists to see if they like them without the hassle of downloading first.

It makes it possible for the viewver to jump ahead in timeline and watch the parts they like.

User has to connect to internet every time to stream a video.
As the technology has advanced so has the television sets in houses .we have smart televisions nowadays they are at houses, pubs, restaurants. People can view the stream directly without any need of a computer and your stream can cater larger audience this way. If internet connection is not smooth buffering phase would delay the video which is irritating.
It is convenient as the  user does not have to wait for the whole download to get complete and then watch their music video. It is more efficient as downloads only part of file actually being watched by the web user.

Ife the user does not have stale intenrt connection while wathcing a vide and there there is too much waiting before content becomes available publisher may provide options to choose content quality  which is very helpful as user can watch it even if they have slow net speed at soem point.

The data is continuously sent to the user which displays earlier parts while subsequent parts are being received. Once the earlier parts have been displayed they are discarded. No data is stored at user’s side and they have to stream a video again and again to watch any part.

Progressive streaming:-

This is the most traditional method of streaming an online video. You upload your video to a website and as soon as an online user at some other end would click it would start  playing immediately  without being downloaded completely to their computer. Youtube is based on this type of streaming method.


It gives the liberty to  the client to record their footage and edit it for further more polishing and then upload it to the web with a final touch. You might have to compromise the quality of video as some users have good internet speed and some don’t have. The higher bitrate  of video required good internet connection
You can make small promotional videos of the events happened at the venue like gigs, concerts and standups  and upload them to web to convince the users to come at your venue and have the real fun. Your customers have to go online every time they want to stream any of your videos.
Progressive streams such as YouTube is used by billions of people on daily basis it is shareable ,social as compared to true streaming  your client cannot watch that stream again and again because of it being broadcasted live. If you encode a video on 1000kbps and your user has 100kbps bandwidth they can’t watch video.


Progressive downloading:-

This method is very useful. Users can stream the online video and it also gets saved to their computer meanwhile so that they can watch it later on again without being connected to the internet. Good point of this method of marketing a video is that it accommodates the user well. They can watch your content online without being in a hassle of going anywhere and get it downloaded straight into their devices too but users cannot jump ahead in timeline as  video content is downloaded.

example: Itunes.

It  plays immediately after downloading starts. No buffering issues. It is convenient. Being into a business of music venue one  can’t upload their every show on the internet immediately.
It allows the user to save it to their device and watch it later on without being connected. User cannot fast forward until the whole video is downloaded.
progreesive download is quite similar to the streaming media that users may not notice any difference between the two as they can acess the video before completion of the whole download. There is no security for your video content a user can use it any way they want later on and use it for their own purpose and you might never know it.

Progressive downloading  does not have option of real-time conversations means  a voice conversation between two or more people cannot happen in this method.


True streaming:-


This method of streaming allows the online user to watch the video content which is live means which is happening at the real time somewhere else. Football matches, award shows, concerts are broadcasted live to the web users by this method for their uber convenience.Youtube has also live stream option available now.


periscope,meerkatstreams and skype.

It allows your limited capacity events expand to reach a larger audience. Users can’t forward a video.
It connects with the target audience. Once something is broadcasted cannot be viewed again.
In true streaming, the data is played, then discarded immediately after it is played client doesn’t store anything on their hard drive. If the same file is required by the user again, the client will  have to restart the stream from scratch and in it they might lose some content as the entire process will begin again.

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