The Social Network Dilemma.

Once you make an account on a social network your life revolves around it. The innovators have designed it so well that it explores one’s personality. It is like a visual autobiography of yours, your life events likes, dislikes at different times all are registered there. Apart from this it’s very good for communicating with your family and friends.

Though there are 99 complicated things about these networks but still they are very popular among masses and daily huge numbers of people join it. Let’s start with this issue that once you make an ID on Twitter or Facebook you get addicted to it. It’s not the chat feature which does it.  Features like pages, groups, games, trends are the main culprit.

 Digitally trapped
The social network by by JoanLlado. The concept depicts of how   digitally trapped are now.          

Users can access different things there like poetry, science, photography, social, political, education, fictional phenomenon to just about everything and anything which interests them. And it’s almost impossible to leave one you are in. There are small irritating things also in the package which can make your life hell as well.

You often get requests by people who are not your friends or never were. And it becomes very awkwardly hard  to decline  the request sometimes  like getting requests from the school and college fellows with whom you never talked in school or the people you just met at some party  or gig  for  some minutes  or even  family members you can’t stand.

It’s very irritating you just don’t know what to do, where to bang your head and then you just think why you made an account! And if you add, them which happen in most cases, then you have to deal with the settings like block, hide, delete and privacy things for the rest of your life.


But the extra bonus it brings I think is you can see other people. Before the invention of these technologies not very long ago it was very hard for stalkers to stalk people because they had to follow people everywhere they were going, hiding themselves in bushes, buying expensive cameras and gadgets for the purpose and many other time- taking tiring  exercises and many other things they had to go through. So all in all it was a very expensive and exhausting hobby.


All thanks to the evolution of science and technology and obviously a big thanks to Facebook and other social networks that have made stalking legal. Every normal human being on our dear planet earth can stalk easily now. One doesn’t even have to leave the house nor do you have to develop the pictures in a dark room a with zero power red bulb just simply copy paste and if you are going for a travel you can carry them on your usb .

Connecting with new random people sounds very exciting and fun and social networks tell you about it proudly when promoting their product “yeah make thousands of friends and followers and subscribers”.But realistically in most cases this feature of being friends with unknown  people has been very negative because you can lie and pretend to be like a prince or princess of mars or whatever. And it becomes very dangerous too when impostors get to know too much about you and then black-mail you on that basis later.

And now a days every one puts their edited or photo shopped photos on the networks no matter how bizarre they look in real life but on their display picture they are not any less than a celebrity. And you would often notice people who were once a geek in school but on Facebook they have hundreds of friends and followers and it puts you in-depth questions like when they got such popularity!?No one used to talk to them in the past.

Many countries have often banned these networks for example Iran has no exposure to Facebook and now what’s app also after the purchase by Mark.Zukerburg.  In China, North Korea, Turkey  and Pakistan  many big social networks are blocked by the countries government .But despite all these restrictions and bans people still use it via proxy servers and software  because this is the need of time for being connected to the world.

There are infinite disadvantages if we start counting but one advantage of communicating faster than ever is heavy on all it’s its negative repercussion. Imagine or feel the strong sentiments of people who used to wait for months and moths to hear about their family and friends living faraway or may at war when we didn’t have this technology. I think we should be thankful for this that we don’t have to go through an agonizing wait.




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