The single-camera setup

Single camera technique is used in film and t.v productions. The basic concept of single camera technique is when a scene is filmed with just one camera rather than having multiple cameras at different angles. Single camera gives director and producer more control over each shot in the film. In single camera scenes don’t have […]

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Media Product & Report

  One Minute Version “Every Day Small Victories” Production Log RESEARCH PRODUCTION LOG   DATE   ACTIVITY   COMMENTS 25/2/2016 Brief is given by the client. It is read and understood. A 1 mint beverage product commercial has to be produced for them in accordance with the brief. 26th/2/2016 What is the main concern or […]

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The online digital video streaming

The technology is advancing day by day. There are a number of methods of online distribution for digital video production  available. There is a range of  digital video platforms emerging and changing nowdays.In very simple terms, streaming is a concept of  distribution of real time or live audio or video through the internet to the web […]

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The Social Network Dilemma.

Once you make an account on a social network your life revolves around it. The innovators have designed it so well that it explores one’s personality. It is like a visual autobiography of yours, your life events likes, dislikes at different times all are registered there. Apart from this it’s very good for communicating with […]

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The Tales Of Mad honey

In 401 B.C the Greek general Xenophon reports in “The Anabasis” that when he was leading 10,000 Greek soldiers back home after fighting with Persia. A mystifying event befell them while they were crossing the Black sea region. The soldiers set the camp to rest and look for food. They saw swarming bees in the […]

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